Fun Facts About Hawaii You Might Not Know

The Hawaiian Islands are incredibly beautiful, but everyone knows that.  The whole world has heard that they’re full of sandy beaches, green forests, great food, a unique culture, friendly people, and much more. However, there are quite a few quirky facts about the islands that you might not know.  It would take a volume of […]

Best Fish to Eat in Hawaii

Hawaii sits deep in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, so its history has long depended on getting life from the sea. As you can imagine, this gives islanders access to a ton of delicious seafood, and there are many types of fish that you can only get in Hawaii. It’s very challenging to make […]

Famous Movies Filmed in Kauai

If you’re not yet convinced that Kauai’s beauty is out of this world, then you need to see how many major Hollywood films have chosen our beautiful island as a filming location. After this list, you’re going to realize that you’re already quite familiar with Kauai.  And since multiple movies on this list were filmed […]

10 Reasons Kauai Should be Your Next Vacation

Picking the next spot to take a vacation is always a challenge.  That is, only for people who haven’t considered going to Kauai. There are many reasons that more than a million people travel across vast oceans every year just to visit the incredible island, and they couldn’t possibly all be listed in one article. […]

Top Things to Do In Kauai

There’s little contention about whether or not Kauai is among the premiere destinations for travelers across the world – It’s a foregone conclusion! Kauai is certainly among the most beautiful places on Earth, between the sandy beaches and the lush greens beyond, it truly is a classic interpretation of “paradise.” But paradise is only as […]

The Garden Island

Kauai can be said to be among the most picturesque places in the world. You might think that an island is a small place, but the island of Kauai manages to sport innumerable impressive locations that make it a whole lifetime’s worth of excitement. It’s no surprise that it’s garnered itself a nickname like the […]