Top Things to Do In Kauai

Top Things To Do in Kauai

There’s little contention about whether or not Kauai is among the premiere destinations for travelers across the world – It’s a foregone conclusion! Kauai is certainly among the most beautiful places on Earth, between the sandy beaches and the lush greens beyond, it truly is a classic interpretation of “paradise.” But paradise is only as good as the time you spend there, so what kinds of things do people spend their time on when they go to Kauai?

We’ve got a list of the top things to do in Kauai, though due to the nature of this list, we won’t be recommending specific locations; instead, we’ll be talking about the top kinds of activities that people engage in while visiting (or living in!) Kauai. There are too many good places to do these activities to cover in one list!


It’s hard to talk about the kind of natural beauty that Kauai has without getting out and seeing it yourself. For that reason, we’ve placed hiking right at the top of this list, because it really is one of the best ways to take in the sights, sounds, and smells of Kauai. Kauai may be just one island, but it covers the whole spectrum from misty highs to sunny lows. If you want to see those famous flowers that earned Kauai the nickname of ‘The Garden Island,’ then there’s no better way to do it than to stretch your legs and get out there to see it. There’s no shortage of reserves, paths, and trails to get to where you want to go, whether that’s a waterfall or a grassy field.


Golf might not have the same broad appeal that something as basic as a hike does, but rest assured that anyone who likes golf will be astounded by the quality of courses on Kauai. Few courses make a more ideal place for a round of golf than the links of Kauai, where you can enjoy the bountiful sun with a coastal breeze as you tee, chip, and converse. check domain availability Golf courses might exist in a lot of places in the US, but make no mistake: the courses of Kauai are second to none.


Many of us like to get out and be active under the sun, especially when we’re on vacation, but others’ idea of a good time is just kicking back and chilling out. Nowhere is more perfect for this in the world than the beaches of Kauai, of which there are dozens, all of whom are ideal locations for a little bit of R&R. If you’re thinking that kicking back on the beach with a drink sounds like something out of a movie… You’d be right! Many famous movies have been shot on and around Kauai, so if you’ve seen something like this in a film – You can bet they filmed it here.


Of course, what conversation about Hawaii would be complete without a mention of surfing? While you can do any number of sports while you’re in Hawaii/Kauai, none are quite so quintessential or iconic as surfing. It’s not like surfing back on the mainland, where everybody is competing for one beach – the island’s whole perimeter is beach! You are likely to find whatever type of wave you’re looking for, whether massive, or small, or something inbetween. There’s so much to say about surfing in Kauai, it could take up a whole separate article!

Other Activities

Kauai might just be one of the state’s’ islands, but that doesn’t mean that it’s small – far from it. Even these broad activities discussed here are only a taste of what you can do on Kauai. Grenada . The possibilities are endless, with everything from ATV rentals to helicopter rides being within the realm of possibility! If you can think of an activity you love, you can think about doing it in Kauai. When it comes to the top activities in Kauai, all you need to do is mix passion with paradise, and you’ll discover just how much this island has to offer.