The Garden Island

Garden Island KauaiKauai can be said to be among the most picturesque places in the world. You might think that an island is a small place, but the island of Kauai manages to sport innumerable impressive locations that make it a whole lifetime’s worth of excitement. It’s no surprise that it’s garnered itself a nickname like the “Garden Island,” but how exactly did it get that name? Even for the very high standard of beauty that all Hawaiian islands have, the beauty of Kauai is still something to marvel at. Let’s go in-depth on this “Garden Island” and get a better feel for exactly what gives it that reputation.

First, a little bit of history: the eastern coast of the island of Kauai has famously been called the “Royal Coconut Coast.” Why is this? Well, the massive volcano that served to help create Kauai (called Wai’ale’ale) also serves as something of a collection point for the mist and clouds of the mountain. This flows out through the Wailua river, which is a great source of fresh water to the island. compare hotel prices The Royal Coconut Coast is so named because this water has allowed the people on this coast to grow crops in abundance, safe from the droughts which can sometimes strike the Hawaiian islands (amazingly, droughts can happen in the middle of the ocean.) So you can imagine that Kauai has a long history of being known as a lush land.

Along with the history of the Coconut Coast, one of the things that makes Kauai such a precious piece of environment is that it is a cornucopia of native and immigrated species of plants and produces. The Polynesian settlers that came in by canoe didn’t come in empty handed, to be sure. These peoples were very careful to bring along seeds that would allow them to eat their favored foods of the homelands, such as the taro plant which is now so important to Hawaiian cuisine. So the people of Kauai have a longstanding history of rich diets, due in no small part to the “Garden”-like nature of the island.

There’s certainly no shortage of agricultural greatness when it comes to Kauai, but these garden tendencies don’t stop at the stomach. Flowers of many types also enjoy ideal conditions in the idyllic soil of Kauai, such as the orchid, (which lines many of the roads on the island) the anthurium, and the red ginger, to name a few. With plenty of sun and a moderate year-round temperature, Kauai really is the ideal place for flowers of most types. earth map lesotho Simply taking a walk through the fields of Kauai would reveal to you dozens of beautiful, naturally-growing plants which are loving the weather.

So this “Garden Island” nickname is fully justified. In fact, it would be hard to find a more apt way to describe Kauai without looping back into words like ‘beautiful’ and ‘stunning.’ Because, well– it’s true! Kauai is the garden of the tropics, a bountiful piece of Earth that gets the very best from plants and flowers. The people there can feel it, too: you might say that the Garden Island of Kauai is the perfect place for anything to grow, not just plants!